Wiegmann, A.; Stavridis, M.; Walzel, M.; Siewert, F.; Zeschke, T.; Schulz, M.; Elster, C.: Accuracy evaluation for sub-aperture interferometry measurements of a synchrotron mirror using virtual experiments. Precision Engineering 35 (2011), p. 183-190

We present a virtual experiment for the accuracy assessment of the sub-aperture interferometric measurement of a synchrotron mirror involving several thousand sub-aperture topographies. The virtual experiment simulates the measurement process and accounts for the influence of positioning device errors, interferometer errors, non-perfect calibration of machine geometry as well as errors in the interferometer reference. Two principles are considered for reconstructing the form of a test specimen from the conducted sub-aperture topographies, a stitching procedure and a direct measurement method. The virtual experiments are applied to the task of absolute form measurement (including its radius of curvature) of a synchrotron mirror with a length of 30 cm, a width of 4 cm, a maximum curvature of about 44mm−1 and a peak-to-valley of 5mm. As a result, reconstruction accuracies can be expected to be in the range of 100nm when the stitching method is applied, which outperforms the direct measurement method by a factor of about 3.