Tavella, F.; Adams, D.; Ayvazyan, V.; ..Bahrdt, J.; ..Follath, R.; Gensch, M.;..Holldack, K.;...Meseck, A.;...Mitzner, R; ...: High Repetition Rate mJ-level Few-Cycle Pulse Laser Amplifier for XUV-FEL seeding. In: High Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena (HILAS), Istanbul, Turkey. February 16, 2011. , 2011, p. [1-3]

Ultra-fast laser sources have revolutionized many fields in science. As technology improves, new applications can be made accessible. The OPCPA technique has shown potential to be the key technology for future amplifier systems, but hasn’t achieved a breakthrough such as Ti:Sapphire laser technology, mostly due to the complex pump amplifier design. We present an operationally stable OPCPA system that might turn the tide for OPCPA technology. This first prototype system will be used in the accelerator environment at the FLASH free electron laser in Hamburg. The key parameters are >1 mJ pulse energy with a repetition rate of 100 kHz and a pulse duration of <7 fs.