Neuschitzer, M.; Moser, A.; Neuhold, A.; Kraxner, J.; Stadlober, B.; Oehzelt, M.; Salzmann, I.; Resel, R.; Novak, J.: Grazing-incidence in-plane X-ray diffraction on ultra-thin organic films using standard laboratory equipment. Journal of Applied Crystallography 45 (2012), p. 367-370
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A novel grazing-incidence in-plane X-ray diffraction setup based on a commercial four-circle diffractometer with a sealed-ceramic copper X-ray tube, upgraded with parabolic graded multilayer X-ray optics and a one-dimensional position-sensitive detector, is presented. The high potential of this setup is demonstrated by a phase analysis study of pentacene thin films and the determination of in-plane lattice constants of pentacene mono- and multilayers. The quality of the results compare well to studies performed at synchrotron radiation facilities.