Scenev, V.; Cosseddu, P.; Bonfiglio, A.; Salzmann, I.; Severin, N.; Oehzelt, M.; Koch, N.; Rabe, J.P.: Origin of mechanical strain sensitivity of pentacene thin-film transistors. Organic Electronics 14 (2013), p. 1323-1329

We report on bending strain-induced changes of the charge carrier mobility in pentacene organic thin-film transistors employing a combined investigation of morphological, structural, and electrical properties. The observed drain current variations are reversible if the deformation is below 2%. The morphology and structure of the active pentacene layer is investigated by scanning force microscopy and specular synchrotron X-ray diffraction, which show that bending-stress causes morphological rather than structural changes, modifying essentially the lateral spacing between individual pentacene crystallites. In addition, for deformations >2% the rupture of source and drain gold electrodes is observed. In contrast to the metal electrodes, the modification of the organic layer remains reversible for deformations up to 10%, which suggests the use of soft and flexible electrodes such as graphene or conducting polymers to be beneficial for future strain sensing devices.