Lieutenant, K.: K7 - 2013 Q1 Work Package Report / ESS. , 2013
Open Accesn Version

The main activity in this quarter was the development of VITESS version 3.1 (D.K.7.2.4). Most changes are included: parallelization, numerical optimization, extension of visualization, new and improved modules (e.g. detector, reflectometer sample, monitors, i/o of trajectories), and improvements in GUI and moderator characteristics. Testing has started; the release is planned for May 2013. A publication about the effect of gravity on a neutron beam transported in elliptic guides (D.K.7.1.7) has been written. The results will be presented on NOP&D in July. The comparison of brilliances (D.K.7.1.6) has been continued. Most ISIS moderators are now correctly described and McStas and VITESS output are in agreement. Two moderators still need to be checked.