Follath, Rolf; Bischoff, Peter; Eggenstein, Frank; Noll, Tino; Koennecke, Rene; Schlappa, Justine; Zeschke, Thomas: A soft x-ray fluorescence spectrometer at BESSY II. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 425 (2013), p. 212002/1-4

A new spectrometer for resonant inelastic x-ray scattering experiments has been designed and is currently built at the synchrotron light facility BESSY II. The spectrometer with a total length of 3 m covers the photon energy range from 50 eV to 1000 eV with emphasis on the lower photon energy range. It is designed as plane grating spectrometer with two paraboloidal mirrors for collimation and focusing and a plane grating in-between. Two rotational degrees of freedom allow for a variation of the incidence and deflection angles at the grating. The geometrical acceptance of the spectrometer approaches a solid angle of 35 mrad × 40 mrad2 at low photon energies with a resolution better than 10 meV at 100 eV. A rotatable delay line detector is used to detect the fluorescence light in the line focus.