Völker, J.; Barday, R.; Jankowiak, A.; Kamps, T.; Rudolph, J.; Schubert, S.; Wesch, S.; Ferrarotto, A.; Weis, T.; Vladimirov, I. Yu.; Shvedunov, V. I.: Introducing GUNLAB - a compact test facility for SRF photoinjectors. In: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz ... [Ed.] : IPAC2014: Proceedings of the 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference. , 2014. - ISBN 978-3-95450-132-8, p. MOPRI020/630-632
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Superconducting radio-frequency photoelectron injectors (SRF photoinjectors) are promising electron sources for high brightness accelerators with high average current and short pulse duration like FELs and ERLs. For the upcoming ERL project bERLinPro we want to test and commission different SRF photoinjectors, optimize the beam performance and examine photocathode materials in an independent test facility. Therefore we designed GunLab to characterize beam parameters from the SRF photoinjectors in a compact diagnostics beamline. The main challenge of GunLab is to characterize the full six dimensional phase space as a function of drive laser and RF parameters. Here we present design and estimated performance of GunLab.