Fernandez Gutierrez, R.; Requena, G.; Stauder, B.; Maire, E.; Isaac, A.; Boller, E.; Schnell, M.; Manke, I.: 3D-Characterization of AlCu4.5Mg0.3 and AlCu7 Alloys. In: Veerle Cnudde ... [Ed.] : Tomography of Materials and Structures : Book of abstracts, Talks ; 1st International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures; ICTMS 2013, July 1-5 (Ghent, Belgium). Ghent, 2013. - ISBN 9789461971302, p. 151-154
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The three dimensional (3D) microstructural evolution of A206 (AlCu4.5Mg0.3) and AlCu7 alloys is studied as function of solution treatment (ST) time by synchrotron tomography. 3D microstructural parameters of rigid phases such as volume fraction, interconnectivity (volume of biggest aluminide/total aluminide volume) and contiguity (touching surface) are presented. In situ synchrotron tomography is carried during tensile deformation out to characterize the damage mechanisms and evolution.