• Assaud, L.; Bochmann, S.; Christiansen, S.; Bachmann, J.: A large electrochemical setup for the anodization of aluminum towards highly ordered arrays of cylindrical nanopores. Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (2015), p. 073902/1-7

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A new electrochemical setup and the associated procedures for growing ordered anodic aluminum oxide pore arrays on large surfaces are presented. The typical size of the samples is 14 × 14 cm2. The most crucial experimental parameters that allow for the stabilization of the high-field procedures are a very efficient cooling of sample and electrolyte, as well as the initial ramping up of the voltage at an accurately defined rate. The morphology of the cylindrical, parallel alumina pores is similar to those obtained on smaller scales with standard setups. Our setup facilitates the availability of porous anodic alumina as a template system for a number of applications.