• Bashouti, M.Y.; Manshina, A.; Povolotckaia, A.; Povolotskiy, A.; Kireev, P.; Yuriy, P.; Mackovic, M.; Spiecker, E.; Koshevoy, I.O.; Tunik, S.; Christiansen, S.: Direct Laser Writing of µ-chips Based on Hybrid C-Au-Ag Nanoparticles for Express Analysis of Hazardous and Biological Substances. Lab on a Chip 15 (2015), p. 1742-1747

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Micro-chips based on organic–inorganic hybrid nanoparticles (NPs) composed of nanoalloys of gold (Au) and silver (Ag) embedded in an amorphous carbonaceous matrix (C–Au–Ag NPs) were prepared directly on a substrate by the laser-induced deposition (for short: LID) method. The C–Au–Ag NPs show a unique plasmon resonance which enhances Raman scattering of analytes, making the μ-chips suitable to detect ultra-low-volumes (10−12 liter) and concentrations (10−9 M) of bio-agents and a hazardous compound. These micro-chips constitute a novel, flexible solid-state device that can be used for applications in pointof- care diagnostics, consumer electronics, homeland security and environmental monitoring.