Mishurova, T.; Cabeza, S.; Thiede, T.; Nadammal, N.; Kromm, A.; Klaus, M.; Genzel, C.; Haberland, C.; Bruno, G.: The Influence of the Support Structure on Residual Stress and Distortion in SLM Inconel 718 Parts. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 49 (2018), p. 3038-3046

The effect of support structure and of removal from the base plate on the residual stress state in selective laser melted IN718 parts was studied by means of synchrotron X-ray diffraction. The residual stresses in subsurface region of two elongated prisms in as-built condition and after removal from the base plate were determined. One sample was directly built on a base plate and another one on a support structure. Also, the distortion on the top surface due to stress release was measured by contact profilometry. High tensile residual stress values were found, with pronounced stress gradient along the hatching direction. In the sample on support, stress redistribution took place after removal from the base plate, as opposed to simple stress relaxation for the sample without support. The sample on support structure showed larger distortion compared to sample without support. We conclude that the use of a support decreases stress values but stress-relieving heat treatments are still needed.