Unglaub, J.; Hensel, J.; Wimpory, R.; Nitschke-Pagel, T.; Dilger, K.; Thiele, K.: Analysis of Residual Stress State in Deep-Rolled HT-Bolts. In: Seefeldt, Marc [Ed.] : European Conference on Residual Stresses 2018 : ECRS-10 . MRS, 2018 (Materials Research Proceedings, 6). - ISBN 978-1-945291-89-0, p. 209-214
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Results of residual stress measurements of HT-bolts gained by neutron diffraction at HZB will be presented. The in-depth residual stress of different conditions of “rolled-before heat-treatment and galvanized” M24 HT-bolts made from 33MnCrB5-2 will be shown: As manufactured, pre-stressed and fatigue loaded. Additionally, results of an unloaded, “rolled-after heat-treatment and hot-dipped” galvanized M36 HT-bolt will be presented. It will be shown that the manufacturing sequence “rolled-before heat-treatment and galvanized” can develop compressive residual stresses due to heat-treatment close to the surface and that “rolled-after heat-treatment and hot-dipped” shows a contraire residual stress path as “rolled-before heat treatment and galvanized” with a maximum below the surface.