Stegemann, R.; Cabeza, S.; Pelkner, M.; Lyamkin, V.; Pittner, A.; Werner, D.; Wimpory, R.; Boin, M.; Kreutzbruck, M.; Bruno, G.: Influence of the Microstructure on Magnetic Stray Fields of Low-Carbon Steel Welds. Journal of Neutron Research 37 (2018), p. 66/1-18

This study examines the relationship between the magnetic mesostructure with the microstructure of low carbon steel tungsten inert gas welds. Optical microscopy revealed variation in the microstructure of the parent material, in the heat affected and fusion zones, correlating with distinctive changes in the local magnetic stray fields measured with high spatial resolution giant magneto resistance sensors. In the vicinity of the heat affected zone high residual stresses were found using neutron diffraction. Notably, the gradients of von Mises stress and triaxial magnetic stray field modulus follow the same tendency transverse to the weld. In contrast, micro-X-ray fluorescence characterization indicated that local changes in element composition had no independent effect on magnetic stray fields.