Kaiser, M.; Wosylus, A.; Gerke, B.; Pöttgen, R.; Prokes, K.; Ruck, M.; Doert, T.: Crystal Growth and Structure Determination of Pigment Orange 82. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 645 (2019), p. 564-569

The crystal structure of the important industrial orangepigment PO82, major part of the BASF Colors & Effects®productSicopal®Orange K/L 2430, was solved from combined X-ray singlecrystal, X-ray and neutron powder diffraction,119Sn Mössbauer spec-troscopy, transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, andchemical analyses. The structure contains Keggin type clusters com-posed of four [M3O13] trimers consisting each of three MO6 octahedra that share edges and one common oxygen atom connecting the trimersto the central ZnO4tetrahedron. The octahedrally coordinated metalatom position is mixed occupied by Ti4+,Sn4+, and Zn2+. AdjacentKeggin clusters share vertices and are further interconnected to fourZnO4tetrahedra. This framework of interconnectedMO6octahedra andZnO4tetrahedra contains channels along [110], in which the Sn2+cat-ions are located.