Kuske, B.C.; Meseck, A.: Numerical Calculation of Micro Bunching in BERLinPro Due to Space Charge and CSR Effects. In: Proceedings of IPAC2019, Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019. Geneva, Switzerland: JACoW, 2019. - ISBN 978-3-95450-208-0, p. MOPGW020/116-119
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BERLinPro is an Energy Recovery Linac Project, currently being set up at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin, Germany. BERLinPro is a small demonstrator for ERL technology and applications. Due to the low energy of 50, resp. 32MeV, space charge plays a dominant role in the beam dynamics. Micro-bunching, due to unavoidable shot noise from the cathode in combination with space charge, is seen in the merger as well as in the recirculator. Coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) can amplify this bunching, as well as micro-bunching can enhance CSR losses. With the release of OPAL 2.0** in May 2018, for the first time, an open source, highly parallel tracking code is available, that is capable of numerically calculating both effects, space charge and CSR, simultaneously. The calculations are compared to earlier results*, that used analytical formulas on tracked, space charge dominated bunches.