Bence, A.; Li, J.; Nadolski, L.S.: First Application of Online Particle Swarm Optimization at SOLEIL. In: Mark Boland ... [Ed.] : IPAC 2019, Proceedings of the 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference: Melbourne, Australia, 19-24 May 2019. Geneva, Switzerland: JACoW Publishing, 2019. - ISBN 978-3-95450-208-0, p. MOPGW010/82-85
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First attempts of online optimisation of SOLEIL using Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) is reported with two major applications. This technique proves to be particularly suitable in a control room and could become a standard operation tool for tuning the accelerators in complement of other techniques. The first optimisation of the injection in the storage ring will be presented using the injection septa and the vertical correctors of the booster to storage ring transfer line. The second work will summarise the results obtained from the optimisation of the transverse on- and off-momentum dynamics in presence of insertion devices. Main results, the implementation and improvements will be presented and discussed thoroughly.