Jay, R.M.; Eckert, S.; Vaz da Cruz, V.; Fondell, M.; Mitzner, R.; Föhlisch, A.: Covalency-Driven Preservation of Local Charge Densities in a Metal-to-Ligand Charge-Transfer Excited Iron Photosensitizer. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 58 (2019), p. 10742-10746
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Covalency is found to even out charge separation after photo‐oxidation of the metal center in the metal‐to‐ligand charge‐transfer state of an iron photosensitizer. The σ‐donation ability of the ligands compensates for the loss of iron 3d electronic charge, thereby upholding the initial metal charge density and preserving the local noble‐gas configuration. These findings are enabled through element‐specific and orbital‐selective time‐resolved X‐ray absorption spectroscopy at the iron L‐edge. Thus, valence orbital populations around the central metal are directly accessible. In conjunction with density functional theory we conclude that the picture of a localized charge‐separation is inadequate. However, the unpaired spin density provides a suitable representation of the electron–hole pair associated with the electron‐transfer process.