Publications 2020

Flisgen, T.; Gjonaj, E.; Glock, H.W.; Tsakanian, A.: Generalization of coupled S -parameter calculation to compute beam impedances in particle accelerators. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 23 (2020), p. 034601/1-13
Open Access Version

Keckert, Sebastian: Characterization of Nb3Sn and Multilayer Thin Films for SRF Applications. , 2020
Universität Siegen
Open Access Version

Kramer, F.; Kugeler, O.; Köszegi, J.-M.; Knobloch, J.: Impact of geometry on flux trapping and the related surface resistance in a superconducting cavity. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 23 (2020), p. 123101/1-11
Open Access Version

Kugeler, O.; Tikhonov, D.: Evaluation of system 3 and SIS. In: ARIES. [Ed.] : ARIES : Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society, Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructures GA n° 730871 ; deliverable report : Deliverable:D15. Geneve: Cern, 2020, p. 1-71