Publikationen 2019

Bozheyev, F.; Rengachari, M.; Berglund, S.; Abou-Ras, D.; Ellmer, K.: Passivation of recombination active PdSex centers in textured (001)-oriented photoactive WSe2 films. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 93 (2019), p. 284–289

Maimaitiyili, T.; Woracek, R.; Neikter, M.; Boin, M.; Wimpory, R.C.; Pederson, R.; Strobl, M.; Drakopoulos, M.; Schäfer, N.; Bjerkén, C.: Residual Lattice Strain and Phase Distribution in Ti-6Al-4V Produced by Electron Beam Melting. Materials 12 (2019), p. 667/1-20
Open Access Version

Muydinov, R.; Steigert, A.; Wollgarten, M.; Michalowski, P.P.; Bloeck, U.; Pflug, A.; Erfurt, D.; Klenk, R.; Körner, S.; Lauermann, I.; Szyszka, B.: Crystallisation Phenomena of In2O3:H Films. Materials 12 (2019), p. 266/1-20
Open Access Version

Song, A.; Plate, P.; Chemseddine, A.; Wang, F.; Abdi, F.F.; Wollgarten, M.; van de Krol, R.; Berglund, S.P.: Cu: NiO as a hole- selective back contact to improve the photoelectrochemical performance of CuBi2O4 thin film photocathodes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (2019), p. 9183-9194
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