Results of the survey on short-haul flights and information on the climate strike on 20.9.2019

173 HZB-employees took part in the internal survey on short-haul flights (as of Wednesday afternoon). 146 of them would be prepared to accept train journeys of up to 12 hours to replace a flight. This result shows a great willingness among the researchers to act in a climate-friendly manner, many of whom are also privately involved and, for example, are taking part in the Climate Strike on 20 September in Berlin (more info below in the text).

Following the self commitments initiated by the Scientists for Future at the Berlin universities, we at the HZB had started a survey to find out whether there are people here who are willing to accept longer travel times in order to make a contribution to climate protection. In order for our survey to be comparable with the activities at the universities, we asked whether even train journeys of up to 12 hours would be acceptable. The response was overwhelming.

173 people took part. 160 people want to do without short-haul flights. Of these, however, 14 people in the comment field make it clear that they consider 12 hours of train travel to be too long and explain that they consider train journeys to be acceptable only up to a duration of 6-10 hours.

This means that 146 people are willing to travel by train until 12h. Many of these people have been doing this for quite some time.

13 persons state that they do not want to do without short-haul flights. However, 8 people in the comment field made it clear that they would travel up to 6-8 hours by train, but not longer. This means that an additional 22 people (8+14) are prepared to accept train journeys of up to 6-8 hours to replace a short-haul flight.  4 people state that they do not want to do without short-haul flights.

The comments concern the following points, which must be discussed broadly afterwards:

  • What proportion of travel time can be counted as working time?
  • How can it be agreed with the Federal Travel Expenses Act to book the train if the flight would be cheaper?
  • The topic of compensation was also addressed: Could the HZB plant trees for unavoidable long-haul flights at both locations?

The list of names:

Only those persons are listed who firstly have agreed to be named and secondly would accept travel times of up to 12 hours. The names of those who consider 12 hours to be too long are not listed so that our result can be compared with that of the universities.

Amran Al-Ashouri, Chantal-Sophie Amelang, Andreas Balzer, Dr. Annika Bande, Dietmar Barthel, Prof. Dr. Christiane Becker, Gregor Bukalis, Klaus Bürkmann-Gehrlein, Nora Dasch, Dr. Cecile Dufloux, Dr. Hartmut Ehmler, Eila Enderlein, Sven Erdmann, Bent Fiedler, Ants Finke, Andre Frahm, Dr. Dennis Friedrich, Dr. Johannes Frisch, Monika Gabernig, Dr.  Martin Gerlach, Tim Gitzinger, Heike Görzig, Florian Gores, Dr. Karin Haas, Dr. Paul Harten, Jochen Heinrich, Hannes Hempel, Regina Hoffmann, Dr. Klaus Jäger, Dr. Christian Jung, Ivona Kafedjiska, Dr. Christian  Kaufmann, Thomas Kleisch, Arian Klose, Tim Kodalle, Eike Köhnen, Kerstin Koy, Rolf Krahl, Felix Kramer, Dr. Hanno Kröncke, Dr. Florian Kronast, Markus Kubin, Bernhard Kuner, Lars Drescher, Jakob Lauche, Dr. Iver Lauermann, Joel Linn, Tobias Loewner, Prof. Dr. Yan Lu, Prof. Dr. Jan Lüning, Karolina Mack, Dr. Rowan MacQueen, Dr. Roland Mainz, Dr. Phillip Manley, Dr. Florian Mathies, Dr. Natalia Maticiuc, Dr. Matthias May, Dr.  Matthew Mayer, Dr. Meghan McAteer, Michael Müller, Dr. Rafael Müller, Mariola Nadolski, Dirk Naparty, Dr. Jens Niederhausen, Dr. Tristan Petit, Paul Pinnow-Stretzke, Prof. Dr. Oliver  Rader, Dr. Björn Rau, Prof. Dr. Bernd Rech, Maximilian Riedel, Dr. Marcel Risch, Dr. Cornelia Rohland, Dr. Antonia Rötger, Kristin Sass, Roswitha Schabardin, Stefan Schäfer, Hannes Schlender, Bernhard Schriefer, Dr. Götz Schuck, Dr. Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer, Jan-Leon Selau, Dr. Mewael Giday Sertsu, Sophie Spangenberger, Dr. Helena Stange, Andreas Stark, Tom Struppert, Stefanie Stutzke, Dr. Johannes Sutter, Peter Tillmann, Dr. Carolin Ulbrich, Dr. Thomas Unold, Dr. Sergio Valencia, Luis Vera Ramirez, Thomas van Issem, Stefan Volkmann, Torsten Wagner, Dr. Robert Wendt, Florian Wichert, Carsten Winkler, Dr. Markus Wollgarten, Dr. Jie Xiao, Anita Zahr

Location and Meeting points for the Climate Strike on 20.9.2019:

The Scientists for Future demo block will meet between 11:00 and 12:00 on the Straße des 17. Juni on the side of the Bundestag, about at the height of the monument "Der Rufer". According to current information, the Scientists for Future are between the block of the ADFC and the Green Youth. There will be a big sign for orientation. In addition, some Scientists for Future are distributing materials, which you can also print out yourself here. Self-painted signs are also welcome. Some HZB people may wear the HZB Long Night T-shirt. There is no official HZB flag.

HZB-Meeting Point in Berlin:  S-Bahnhof Brandenburger Tor,  11:30.

HZB location Adlershof: At 11:00 a.m. there will be a meeting point at the S-Bahn Adlershof to go to the demonstration together.

HZB location Wannsee: on the initiative of Kathryn Dunkel there will be a small satellite demonstration on Friday at 12:00.