Domanov, O.; Weschke, E.; Saito, T.; Peterlik, H.; Pichler, T.; Eisterer, M.; Shiozawa, H.: Exchange coupling in a frustrated trimetric molecular magnet reversed by a 1D nano-confinement. Nanoscale 11 (2019), p. 10615-10621

Single-molecule magnets exhibit magnetic ordering due to exchange coupling between localized spin components that makes them primary candidates as nanometric spintronic elements. Here we manipulate exchange interactions within a single-molecule magnet by nanometric structural confinement, exemplified with single-wall carbon nanotubes that encapsulate trimetric nickel(II) acetylacetonate hosting three frustrated spins. It is revealed from bulk and Ni 3d orbital magnetic susceptibility measurements that the carbon tubular confinement allows a unique one-dimensional arrangement of the trimer in which the nearest-neighbour exchange is reversed from ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic, resulting in quenched frustration as well as the Pauli paramagnetism is enhanced. The exchange reversal and enhanced spin delocalisation demonstrate the means of mechanically and electrically manipulating molecular magnetism at the nanoscale for nano-mechatronics and spintronics.