• Favaro, M.; Artiglia, L.; Mun, B.S.: Editorial: In situ/operando investigation of catalytic and electrocatalytic interfaces. Journal of Physics D 55 (2021), p. 060201/1-4

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In situ and operando spectroscopic methods play a fundamental role in a variety of different fields of modern science. In particular, as energy and environmental science have become increasingly important recently, the need of in situ and operando spectroscopic methods has also increased significantly. Therefore, we felt it was time to have a special issue focused on such techniques and for which the aim is 'to merge the research communities investigating catalytic and (photo)electrochemical interfaces with different in situ/operando spectroscopic techniques, to share recent results, experimental methods, and future perspectives', as we reported in the scope of this special issue. With its 23 original research papers and 2 topical reviews, spanning from heterogeneous catalysis to photoelectrochemistry, we believe that the outcome of this special issue fulfills the aforementioned aim.