Schlegel, M.C.; Mueller, U.; Malaga, K.; Panne, U.; Emmerling, F.: Spatially resolved investigation of complex multi-phase systems using μ XRF, SEM-EDX and high resolution SyXRD. Cement & Concrete Composites 37 (2013), p. 241-245

Spatially resolved analysis of complex multi-phase systems can be validated through different analytical methods. This study compares investigations by scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis and high resolution X-ray diffraction. The studied sulfate attacked cement paste containing fly ashes consists of different interacting crystalline and amorphous phases. The complementary methods revealed in detail changes in phase composition due to the chemical attack. The advantages and disadvantages of both methods are discussed and suggestions are given for combining them with additional methods to maximize the information content.