Halder, M.; Bera, A.K.; Kumar, A.; Keller, L.; Yusuf, S.M.: Understanding the multiple magnetic structures of the intermetallic compound NdMn1.4Co0.6Si2. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 592 (2014), p. 86-91
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Magnetic phases for the intermetallic compound NdMn1.4Co0.6Si2 have been investigated at various temperatures by dc magnetization, neutron diffraction and neutron depolarization. Our study shows multiple magnetic phase transitions with temperature (T) over 1.5–300 K. In agreement with dc-magnetization and neutron depolarization results, the temperature dependence of the neutron diffraction patterns shows five distinct regions with different magnetic phases. These temperature regions are (i) TP215 K, (ii) 215 K > TP50 K, (iii) 50 K > TP40 K, (iv) 40 K > T > 15 K, and (v) T 6 15 K. The corresponding magnetic structures are paramagnetic, commensurate collinear antiferromagnetic (AFM-I), incommensurate AFM (AFM-II), mixed ferromagnetic and AFM (FM + AFM-II), and incommensurate AFM (AFM-II), respectively. c 2014 Elsevier.