Russina, O.; Macchiagodena, M.; Kirchner, B.; Mariani, A.; Aoun, B.; Russina, M.; Caminiti, R.; Triolo, A.: Association in ethylammonium nitrate-dimethyl sulfoxide mixtures: First structural and dynamical evidences. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 407 (2015), p. 333-338

Here we report the first structural and dynamic investigation on ethylammonium nitrate, a representative protic Ionic liquid, and dimethylsulfoxide. By using joined x/ray and neutron diffraction, we exploit the EPSR approach to extract structural information at atomistic level. EAN/DMSO turns out to be homogeneous at microscopic scales and indications for the existence of a structural leit motiv with stoichiometric composition 2DMSO:1EAN are found. Dielectric spectroscopy is used to access the relaxation map of the DMSO:EAN = 60:40 mixture. No crystallisation is detected and three relaxation processes could be characterised. Overall this study provides new indications of strict analogies between water and ethylammonium nitrate.