Eggenstein, F.; Bischoff, P.; Schäfers, F.; Schroeter, T.; Senf, F.; Sokolov, A.; Zeschke, T.; Erko, A.: Survey and adjustment methods applied on an 11 axes high performance reflectometer for synchrotron radiation. AIP Conference Proceedings 1741 (2016), p. 030025/1-4

Abstract. At BESSY-II a new UV- and XUV optics beamline [1] has recently been setup with an in-house developed versatile reflectometer [2], [3], [4] for at-wavelength metrology on reflective and diffractive optical elements up to 4 kg mass. High precision measurements of the reflection and polarization properties are feasible by a 360° azimuthal rotation of the sample around the beam of light, where samples can be adjusted reproducibly with a novel UHV-Tripod within arc sec and μm precision. The azimuthal rotation requires an extremely high precision adjustment of the goniometer axis with respect to the incident light beam. Here we describe sophisticated methods with which we achieve nearly perfect agreement of the azimuthal rotation axis and the synchrotron beam in the 30 arc sec range. By using geodetic instruments (lasertracker, theodolite, autocollimator) the quality of the reflectometer UHV-mechanics has been characterized with respect to stiffness and radial run out with highest precision [5].