Liu, Y.; Plate, P.; Hinrichs, V.; Köhler, T.; Song, M.; Manley, P.; Schmid, M.; Bartsch, P.; Fiechter, S.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.; Fischer, C.H.: Size and density controlled deposition of Ag nanoparticle films by a novel low temperature spray chemical vapour deposition method – research into mechanism, particle growth and optical simulation. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 19 (2017), p. 141/1-15
Open Accesn Version

Ag nanoparticles have attracted interest for plasmonic absorption enhancement of solar cells. For this purpose well-defined particle sizes and densities as well as very low deposition temperatures are required. Thus, we report here a new spray chemical vapour deposition method for producing Ag NP films with independent size and density control at substrate temperatures even below 100 °C which is much lower than for many other techniques. This method can be used on different substrates to deposit Ag NP films. It is a reproducible, low-cost process which uses Trimethylphosphine (hexafluoroacetylacetonato) silver as precursor in alcoholic solution. By systematic variation of deposition parameters and classic experiments, mechanisms of particle growth and of deposition processes as well as the low decomposition temperature of the precursor could be explained. Using the 3D finite element method, absorption spectra of selected samples were simulated which fitted well with the measured results. Hence, further applications of such Ag NP films for generating plasmonic near field can be predicted by the simulation.