Hempel, H.; Unold, T.; Eichberger, R.: Measurement of charge carrier mobilities in thin films on metal substrates by reflection time resolved terahertz spectroscopy. Optics Express 25 (2017), p. 17227-17236
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We show that charge carrier mobilities can be measured by reflection time resolved THz spectroscopy (R-TRTS) even for thin films on metal contacts, such as polycrystalline Cu2SnZnSe4 grown on molybdenum. In the measurement a reduced THz reflection upon photo-excitation is observed in contrast to increased THz reflection commonly observed on insulating substrates, and which excludes standard analytic R-TRTS analyses. Instead, a numerical transfer matrix method is used to model the THz reflection from which we derive carrier mobilities of 100 cm2/Vs consistent with literature. We show that R-TRTS on metal substrates is ~100x less sensitive compared to measurements on insulating substrates. These sensitivity of these R-TRTS measurements can be increased by using lower substrate refractive indices, lower substrate conductivities, thicker sample layers or higher THz probe frequencies.