Babcock, E.; Salhi, Z.; Gainov, R.; Woracek, R.; Soltner, H.; Pistel, P.; Beule, F.; Bussmann, K.; Heynen, A.; Kämmerling, H.; Suxdorf, F.; Strobl, M.; Russina, M.; Voigt, J.; Ioffe, A.: Towards wide-angle neutron polarization analysis with a 3He spin filter for TOPAS and NEAT: Testing magic PASTIS on V20 at HZB. AIP Conference Proceedings 1969 (2018), p. 050005/1-7

An XYZ polarization analysis solution has been developed for the new thermal time-of-flight spectrometer TOPAS [1], to be operated in the coming east neutron guide hall at the MLZ. This prototype is currently being prepared to use on NEAT at HZB [2]. Polarization Analysis Studies on a Thermal Inelastic Spectrometer, commonly called PASTIS [3], is based on polarized 3He neutron spin filters and an XYZ field configuration for the sample environment and a polarization-preserving neutron guide field. The complete system was designed to provide adiabatic transport of the neutron polarization to the sample position on TOPAS while maintaining the homogeneity of the XYZ field. This complete system has now been tested on the polarized time-of-flight ESS test beam line V20 at HZB [4]. We present results of this test and the next steps forward.