Cascallana-Matías, I.; Breternitz, J.; Baker, A.; Davis, H.; Cussen, E.; Gregory, D.: Molecular-salt hybrids; integration of ammonia borane into lithium halides. Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 6 (2019), p. 808-812
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New molecular-salt-like hybrids contain ammonia borane (AB) in co-existence with lithium halides in single lattices. [LiI](NH 3 BH 3 ) and [LiI](NH 3 BH 3 ) 2 are members of a generic [LiX] m (AB) n (X = I − , H 4 − ; m, n = integer) materials family which release hydrogen on decomposition and demonstrate Li + -ion conductivity more than two orders of magnitude higher than either LiBH 4 or LiI.