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Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize

Current Prize Winner

Dr. Xiujie Deng Ernst-Eckhard-Koch-Preis 2022/23 HZB - enlarged view

Dr. Xiujie Deng (center) at the award ceremony of the Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize in Berlin-Adlershof on 22 June 2023 by the Chairman of the Friends of HZB, Prof. Dr. Mathias Richter (left), and Prof. Dr. Andreas Jankowiak from Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, who had submitted the proposal (Photo: Michael Setzpfandt).

The Ernst Eckhard Koch Prize 2022/23 was awarded to Dr. Xiujie Deng from Tsinghua University in Beijing. The work entitled "Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Steady-State Microbunching" was carried out as part of a cooperation between Tsinghua University, HZB and Stanford University at PTB's Metrology Light Source (MLS) in Berlin-Adlershof. According to the prize committee, this was a breakthrough in the generation of coherent synchrotron radiation by microbunching the stored electron beam via interaction with intense laser radiation. The aim of the project is to develop new, powerful EUV radiation sources for applications in research and industry.

Previous Prize Winners