Publications 2018

Carbonio, E.; Rocha, T.; Klyushin, A.; Pis, I.; Magnano, E.; Nappini, S.; Piccinin, S.; Knop, A.; Schlögl, R.; Jones, T.: Are multiple oxygen species selective in ethylene epoxidation on silver? Chemical Science 9 (2018), p. 990-998
Open Access Version

Gallo, I.B.; Carbonio, E.A.; Villullas, H.M.: What Determines Electrochemical Surface Processes on Carbon Supported PdAu Nanoparticles? ACS Catalysis 8 (2018), p. 1818-1827
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Greiner, M.T.; Cao, J.; Jones, T.; Beeg, S.; Skorupska, K.; Carbonio, E.; Sezen, H.; Amati, M.; Gregoratti, L.; Willinger, M.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schlogl, R.: Phase coexistence of multiple copper oxides on AgCu catalysts during ethylene epoxidation. ACS Catalysis 8 (2018), p. 2286-2295
Open Access Version

Jones, T.E.; Wyrwich, R.; Böcklein, S.; Carbonio, E.A.; Greiner, M.T.; Klyushin, A.Yu.; Moritz, W.; Locatelli, A.; Menteş, T.O.; Niño, M.A.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schlögl, R.; Günther, S.; Wintterlin, J.; Piccinin, S.: The selective species in ethylene epoxidation on silver. ACS Catalysis 8 (2018), p. 3844-3852
Open Access Version

Klyushin, A.; Arrigo, R.; Pfeifer, V.; Jones, T.; Velasco-Velez, J.J.; Knop-Gericke, A.: Catalyst electronic surface structure under gas and liquid environments. In: Klaus Wandelt [Ed.] : Encyclopedia of interfacial chemistry : surface science and electrochemistry / 1.1 Experimental methods, 1.2 Surface science under environmental conditions. Amsterdam, Netherlands ; Oxford, UK ; Cambidge, USA: Elsevier, 2018. - ISBN 978-0-12-814989-8, p. 615-631 (1 Online-Ressource (Vol 1.2)

Klyushin, A.; Jones, T.; Lunkenbein, T.; Kube, P.; Li, X.; Hävecker, M.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Schlögl, R.: Strong Metal Support Interaction as a Key Factor of Au Activation in CO Oxidation. ChemCatChem 10 (2018), p. 3985-3989
Open Access Version

Konashuk, A.S.; Samoilenko, D.O.; Klyushin, A.Y.; Svirskiy, G.I.; Sakhonenkov, S.S.; Brykalova, X.O.; Kuz'Mina, M.A.; Filatova, E.O.; Vinogradov, A.S.; Pavlychev, A.A.: Thermal changes in young and mature bone nanostructure probed with Ca 2p excitations. Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express 4 (2018), p. 035031/1-9
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Saveleva, Victoria: Investigation of the anodes of PEM water electrolyzers by operando synchrotron-based photoemission spectroscopy. , 2018
Universität Strassburg
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Svirskiy, G.I.; Generalov, A.V.; Klyushin, A.Yu.; Simonov, K.A.; Krasnikov, S.A.; Vinogradov, N.A.; Trigub, A.L.; Zubavichus, Y.V.; Preobrazhenski, A.B.; Vinogradov, A.S.: Comparative X-Ray Absorption Analysis of the Spectrum of Vacant Electronic States in Cobalt and Nickel Tetraphenylporphyrin Complexes. Physics of the Solid State 60 (2018), p. 581-591
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