Publications 2020

Huang, Q.; Kozhevnikov, I.; Sokolov, A.; Zhuang, Y.; Li, T.; Feng, J.; Siewert, F.; Viefhaus, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, Z.: Theoretical analysis and optimization of highly efficient multilayer-coated blazed gratings with high fix-focus constant for the tender X-ray region. Optics Express 28 (2020), p. 821-845
Open Access Version

Svechnikov, M.; Chkhalo, N.; Lopatin, A.; Pleshkov, R.; Polkovnikov, V.; Salashchenko, N.; Schäfers, F.; Sertsu, M.G.; Sokolov, A.; Tsybin, N.: Optical constants of sputtered beryllium thin films determined from photoabsorption measurements in the spectral range 20.4–250 eV. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 27 (2020), p. 75-82