Mirror Test Device

The Instrument is a simple reflectometer with a lower flux and a smaller signal-to-noise ratio compared to V 6. It is devoted to the numerous tests necessary for the develpoment and quality control of neutron optical devices, like supermirrors, benders etc. which are produced at BENSC.

A limited amount of beam time can be supplied for external users for common projects in the field of neutron optics.

Instrument Data
Neutron guide NL 1B
Collimation 2 sets of B4C slits
Monochromator PG (002)
Wave length %lambda; = 0.48 nm
Wave length resolution
Scattering plane horizontal
Flux 700 n/cm2s (polarised 98%)
Range of reflectivities 1·10-3
q resolution
Detector several 3He-gas detectors
Detector range: 6°
Angular reslution: 0.02°
Maximum sample size 270x1000 mm2
Polarized neutrons yes (98%)
Guide field permanent, vertical
Instrument options • Sample can be turned by 3°
• Detector can be turned by 6°
Sample environment