RGL Photoemission Station

The RGL photoemission station is very flexible and demonstrate reliable performance for the whole variety of experiments of broad RGBL user community. Having several preparation chambers, fast-load systems, a number of insertion devises such as a flash-machine, evaporators, a cleavage system, a heating stage, a gas-inlet system etc., the station is a powerful instrument allowing to study fundamental properties of matter.

  • Research addresses electronic, chemical and structural properties of wide variety of materials and covers rather broad field of disciplines, scientific areas and applications: energy materials, conductive polymers for electrochemical applications, compositionally complex alloys, biomimetic materials, etc.



Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Beamline data
Energy range 80 - 1500 eV
Energy resolution up to 11000 @400 eV
Flux up to 2.5 10e11 photons/s/100 mA
Polarisation horizontal
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 150μm x <100 μm @500 eV, exit slit 210 µm, c = 2.25
Phone (030) 8062 - 13433
Weitere Details RGBL Dipole
Station data
Temperature range 110 – 300 K (measurement), 300-2300 K (sample preparation)
Pressure range UHV
  • A hemispherical electron energy analyzer SPECS PHOIBOS 150
  • Keithley ammeter for sample drain current measurements
  • MCP-detector for NEXAFS measurements in Partial Electron Yield mode
Manipulators For details contact the Instrument Scientist.
Sample holder compatibility Flag-style (Omicron) sample holders
Additional equipment Preparation chamber: mass-spectrometer for mass detections, LEED, evaporators, gas lines, ion sputtering gun, etc.
Ar glove box on site.