X-Ray Pump Probe (XPP)

X-Ray Pump Probe (XPP)

"The X-ray Pump-Probe (XPP) experimental station predominantly aims at investigating hard and soft matter under a broad range of ambient conditions using time-resolved X-ray diffraction." http://dx.doi.org/10.17815/jlsrf-2-82

For details and current status of the experimental station contact the station scientist.

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Time-resolved studies

Assigned to beamline(s)

Energy rangePolarisation
KMC-3 XPP 2 - 14 keVhorizontal
Station data
Temperature range 10 -- 400 K
Pressure Range not applicable
Detector (gated) Pilatus 100k area detector, home-built scintillator with decay time <1 ns, CyberStar detector
Manipulators not applicable
Sample holder compatibility maximum sample size 12 x 12 mm2 for standard low-temperature sample holder, 20 x 20mm2 for electrical measurement setup, larger samples up to 40 x 40mm2 can be mounted with special sample holders for room temperature measurements.
Remote Access
Energiebereich 7 -- 12 keV
Laserwellenlänge 1028 nm
Pulsenergie 20 -- 400 μJ/cm2
Laserwiederholrate 1 -- 1000 kHz