The PINK branch is operated in the tender x-rays energy range (2.1 - 10 keV) providing access to non-resonant / resonant XES studies of transition metals ranging from Ti to Cu (Kα, Kβ lines) and Zr to Ag (Lα, Lβ lines), as well as light elements P, S, Cl, K, Ca (Kα, Kβ lines). A multilayer monochromator provides the high photon flux allowing measurements of very dilute substances. Taking advantage of a wavelength-dispersive von Hamos analyzer to record the entire fluorescent spectrum simultaneously, we can provide very attractive time-resolved XES measurements.

  • homo- and heterogeneous catalysis
  • electrochemistry
Figure 1: Layout of the PINK instrument (for details see text below).

Figure 1: Layout of the PINK instrument (for details see text below).



Remote access

not possible

Beamline data
Energy range
  • PGM: 700-1600 eV (not available @PINK)
  • DCM: 2200-10000 eV
  • Multilayer mono @PINK: 2300-9500eV
  • Energy resolution
  • PGM: E/ΔE ~ 2000
  • DCM: E/ΔE ~ 10000 (Si111)
  • Flux
  • PGM: 1013 ph/s
  • DCM: 1011-1012 ph/s
  • Multilayer mono @PINK: 1013-1014 ph/s
  • Polarisation horizontal
    Focus size (hor. x vert.)
  • @SISSY I: tbd
  • @SISSY II: 123 x 14 µm² (DCM)
  • @CAT: 150 x 20 µm² (DCM); 180 x 50 µm² (PGM)
  • @PINK: FWHM 700 x 30 µm²
  • Phone +49 (0) 30 8062 12109
    Weitere Details CPMU17_EMIL
    Station data
    Temperature range 15K - 300K
    Pressure range 10 -2 – 100mbar, vacuum or He
    Detector Eiger, GreatEyes CCD
    Manipulators Yes (X-Y)
    Sample holder compatibility
    Additional equipment von Hamos spectrometer:
    energy resolution 0.5 - 1 eV
    time resolution 0.1 - 10 s

    Figure 1 illustrates the layout of the PINK instrument showing position in meters of the beamline components with respect to the center of the U17 undulator. Beamline optics: toroidal (R=2614923mm, r=197mm) mirror M1, optional double crystal monochromator DCM, cylindrical (r=907.5mm) multilayer monochromator M2. Motorized apertures: AU1, AU2, AU3, JJ. Filters: F1 - set of water cooled diamond attenuators (5µm, 10µm and 20µm), F2 – 3 sets by 6 attenuators each (C, Al and Ta). Optical beam position monitors: BPM1, BPM2 and BPM3. Quadrant I0 monitor: Q. Photon shatter: PH. Vacuum windows: W1- 12µm beryllium, W2, W3 – 10µm diamond. Sample holder: S. Atmospheric von Hamos spectrometer (VH#1, 5-10 keV): analyser crystal – Cr, detector – Det. Vacuum von Hamos spectrometer (VH#2, 2.2-5keV).