(Spin Resolved) Photoemission and Near Edge X-ray Station

Overview of the PHOENEX station

Overview of the PHOENEX station


XPS, Spin-resovled PES

Remote access

not possible

Station data
Temperature range --
Pressure range --
Detector SPECS Phoibos 150 hemispherical analyser with mini-Mott detector for spin resolution
Manipulators 5 Axes manipulator with two rotational degrees of freedom
Sample holder compatibility --
Additional equipment
Applicable at beamline(s)
UE112_PGM-1 8 - 690 eV; for extreme values (<50 eV or >400 eV) contact the beamline crew
UE56-2_PGM-2 60 - 1300 eV
UE52_SGM 100 - 1500 eV
U49-2_PGM-1 85 - 1600 eV
5-axes cryomanipulator "Pente.Ax" with integrated coils

5-axes cryomanipulator "Pente.Ax" with integrated coils

Built as a system for photoemission and near-edge X-ray absorption, the PHOENEX station is now used for spin- and angle-resolved photoemission exclusively.

The system is built around a modified SPECS Phoibos 150 hemispherical analyzer equipped with a mini Mott polarimeter. The latter has been developed as the first of its kind based on the known trajectories from the Phoibos analyzer. It operates by means of retardation and features two pairs of channeltrons for the two perpendicular spin quantization axes in the sample surface plane for normal emission. For off-normal emission, this axis is correspondingly tilted. An adjustable iris-type aperture allows for an angular resolution down to 1°.

Samples are mounted on a custom built 5 axes manipulator. The system further features two chambers for preparation purposes and a fast entry lock for sample exchange.

For more details contact the station scientist(s).

Additional techniques and characterization facilities:

  • Low energy electron diffraction
  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • e-Beam evaporators
  • Heating stage up to 2000 °C
  • Ion gun for sample cleaning