Cold Neutron Tomography and Radiography (CONRAD)

Instrument description

The neutron tomography beam line V7 was designed with two measuring positions: the first one is located directly at the end of the neutron guide, where a very high neutron flux is available but the image resolution is limited due to the beam divergence. The second measuring position uses a pin-hole geometry followed by more than 5m of flight tube in order to gain a high collimation ratio and image resolution. The high-flux measuring position allows to perform unique experiments in the field of real-time imaging and high-speed tomography with exposure times ranging from 10 ms to 500 ms. The achieved resolution varies from 300 µm to 500 µm dependent on the distance between the sample and the detector.

For the heigh-resolution measuring position a set of diaphragms and an additional collimation system, consisting of a flight tube of 5 m length are installed. By this method the collimation ratio L/D for the measuring position can be increased up to 500 and a spatial resolution of up to 100 µm can be achieved. Exposure times are in the range of 1s - 25s.


  • soot filters, adhesive joints, lubricate films
  • time resolved visualizations of processes (e.g. water management in operated fuel cells)
  • archeology
  • medicine

Additional Labs

Selected examples

Instrument Data
Neutron guide NL 1B
Wave length 0.2 nm < λ < 1.2 nm
Neutron flux 2·108 n/cm2
L/D ~70
Resolution 300-500 µm
Exposure time 0.01-0.5 s
Beam size 3x5 cm2
Detector CMOS camera - PCO
120hs - 1280x1024 pixel
Instrument options •High-flux position (this specifications)
•High-resolution position (see specifications below)
Sample environment
High-resolution position
Neutron guide NL 1B
Wave length 0.2 nm < λ < 1.2 nm
Neutron flux • 3 cm pinhole: ~2·107 n/cm2
• 2 cm pinhole: ~1·107 n/cm2
• 1 cm pinhole: ~6·106 n/cm2
L/D • 3 cm pinhole: 167
• 2 cm pinhole: 250
• 1 cm pinhole: 500
Resolution • 3 cm pinhole: ~300 µm
• 2 cm pinhole: ~200 µm
• 1 cm pinhole: ~100 µm
Exposure time • 3 cm pinhole: 1-5 s
• 2 cm pinhole: 5-15 s
• 1 cm pinhole: 10-25 s
Beam size • 3 cm pinhole: 12x12 cm2
• 2 cm pinhole: 11x11 cm2
• 1 cm pinhole: 10x10 cm2
Detector CCD-camera (Andor DW436N-BV)
2048x2048 pixel
Instrument options •High-flux position (see specifications above)
•High-resolution position (this specifications)
Sample environment