UE46_MAXYMUS is a undulator beamline optimized for producing high coherent flux of soft x-rays with selectable polarization using its APPLE2 type undulator, which is followed by a plane grating monochromator using a 600 lines/mm blazed grating. To create fully coherent light a pair of exit slits creates a virtual source of selectable size in the exit slit plane, on which it is centered using an automated beam position feedback system. The only endstation at this beamline is the MAXYMUS STXM.

PGM2-Beamline optical design

PGM2-Beamline optical design

Station data
Temperature range
  • Typically room temperature
  • 30 - 350 K using cryostat sample holder
Pressure range
  • < 10-8 mbar in UHV mode
  • mbar Helium for passive sample cooling
More details MAXYMUS
Beamline data
Segment L10
Location (Pillar) 12.1
Source elliptical undulator UE46
  • eff. Energy from 150 eV upto 1900 eV
  • One high flux, 600 l/mm blazed (0.7° angle) and a high resolution 1200 l/mm grating
  • variation of the deflection angle by plane mirror
Energy range 200 - 1900 eV
Energy resolution > 5 000
Flux 200 eV - 1000 eV: ~ 1013 Ph/sec/100mA
Polarisation Horizontal, Vertical, Circular positive, Circular negative
Divergence horizontal n.a. mrad
Divergence vertical n.a. mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.)
  • at exit slit: ~ H 45 µm x V 15µm
  • at zoneplate: ~ H 2 mm x V 1mm
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve n.a. mm
Height Focus/floor level 1400 mm
Beam availability 12h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 14762

For more details and current status contact the beamline scientist(s).


Follath, R.; Schmidt, J. S.; Weigand, M.; Fauth, K.:

The X-ray microscopy beamline UE46-PGM2 at BESSY

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