PGM2-Beamline optical design

PGM2-Beamline optical design

Station data
Temperature range
  • Typically room temperature
  • 30 - 350 K using cryostat sample holder
Pressure range
  • < 10-8 mbar in UHV mode
  • mbar Helium for passive sample cooling
More details MAXYMUS
Beamline data
Segment L10
Location (Pillar) 12.1
Source elliptical undulator UE46
  • eff. Energy from 150 eV upto 1900 eV
  • One high flux, 600 l/mm blazed (0.7° angle) and a high resolution 1200 l/mm grating
  • variation of the deflection angle by plane mirror
Energy range 200 - 1900 eV
Energy resolution > 5 000
Flux 200 eV - 1000 eV: ~ 1013 Ph/sec/100mA
Polarisation Horizontal, Vertical, Circular positive, Circular negative
Divergence horizontal n.a. mrad
Divergence vertical n.a. mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.)
  • at exit slit: ~ H 45 µm x V 15µm
  • at zoneplate: ~ H 2 mm x V 1mm
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve n.a. mm
Height Focus/floor level 1400 mm
Beam availability 12h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 14762

For more details and current status contact the beamline scientist(s).


Follath, R.; Schmidt, J. S.; Weigand, M.; Fauth, K.:

The X-ray microscopy beamline UE46-PGM2 at BESSY

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