ARPES One-Square

1^2 ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station

ARPES One-Square is dedicated to high-resolution angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. It is equipped with a very high-resolution electron energy analyzer and attached to a beamline providing photons in the energy range from 10 – 250 eV with high resolution and full control over the polarization. A precise 6-axes cryomanipulator combined with an electron analyzer Scienta R8000, operated in parallel angular detection mode, allows for accurate band structure mapping. The versatility of the system is extended by exerting a very broad spectrum of in-situ sample treatment techniques.

Selected Applications:
  • 2D materials and graphene
  • Topological insulators, Weyl semimetals, Dirac nodal line materials
  • Metallic single crystals with flat and vicinal surfaces
  • High-temperature superconductors
  • Metal halide perovskites (inorganic)
Model of ARPES One-Square

Model of ARPES One-Square



Remote access

not possible

Beamline data
Energy range 9 - 250 eV
Energy resolution < 1 meV for E < 100 eV
Flux >1013 (photons/s/0.1%bw/100 mA)
Polarisation • linear any angle
• circular
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 150 x variable μm2
Phone +49 30 8062 14696
More details UE112_PGM-2a-1^2
Station data
Temperature range Measurement: 15–400K; Preparation up to 2300K
Pressure range 1E-10 mbar
Detector Scienta R8000
Manipulators Motorized 6-axes manipulator S6.Cryo operated with Multi.Ax control system (HZB design)
Sample holder compatibility Standard Omicron/Flag-style sample holder (for in-situ preparation of samples by annealing at temperature up to 1100K). For higher temperature of up to 2300K modified sample holders must be used. Contact station manager for details.

All conventional techniques of in-situ sample prepration are available including annealing, material deposition (also on hot or cold sample), ion sputtering, cleaving by top-post (also at low temperature).

LEED and masspectrometer are also available.
Additional equipment Station is compatible with standard Ferrovac vacuum suitcase.

Preparation chamber is also equipped with three DN40CF vacuum gateable ports, which can be used for installation of various user devices or material evaporators without breaking of vacuum. For details, technical drawings (also 3D models) contact station manager.

Load-lock for fast loading of the samples is available (loading of up to three samples simultaneously).
Telephone +49 30 8062 14696

The 12 angle-resolved photoemission station is the more versatile sibling of the low-temperature 13 end-station. While it receives light from the same beamline and is equipped with a very high resolution electron energy analyzer, it sheds the ability to reach the lowest temperatures in favor of a much more flexible 6 axes manipulator.

The versatility of the system is furthered by utilization of Omicron/Flag-style sample holders as sample carrier, which make it compatible with varous scientific instruments at HZB or at home institutes of BESSY users. Respectively, compatibility with standard vacuum suitcases (e.g. Ferrovac) is ensured.

Key features of the endstation:

  • High-resolution angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) allowing for accurate and detailed full photoemission mapping of the band structure of samples
  • Precise computer-controlled full 6-axes cryomanipulator with temperature down to 15K
  • Low energy electron diffraction (LEED)
  • Utilization of Omicron/Flag-style sample carriers as a standard
  • Preparative sample heating up to 2300K
  • Sample cleaving by top-post at low or elevated temperature
  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • Gateable ports for user devices or material evaporators
  • Thin film in-situ deposition on hot or cold sample
  • Source of alkali materilas for electron doping is always available by default
  • Load-lock for rapid loading of the samples from atmosphere