Resonant Scattering

Resonant scattering for open port use

UHV chamber for soft x-ray scattering experiments with in-vacuum CCD detector.

For more details and current status of the experimental station contact the station scientist(s).

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XMLD, XMCD, Time-resolved studies, NEXAFS, EXAFS, Reflectometry, Surface Diffraction, Single Crystal Diffraction, WAXS, REXS, Magnetic Scattering

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Temperature range
Station data
Temperature range low-temperature sample holder 6.5 - 300 K, high temperature sample holder 80 - 650 K
Pressure Range 5 x 10-8 mbar (regular), < 2 x 10-9 mbar (after bakeout)
Detector In-vacuum CCD, photo diode, APD
Manipulators x,y,z,th,chi,phi(manual)
Sample holder compatibility Own system, can accommodate samples of various shapes. Please contact us beforehand.

  • Different detectors including in vacuum CCD, Si diode, APD detectors can be rotated around the sample.
  • Different sample stages for low temperatures (6.5 K ... 300 K) without sample transfer, and either 20 K ... 400 K or 80 K ... 650 K with sample transfer system.
  • Motorized x,y,z,th,chi (+- 3 deg) manipulator, manual phi rotation.
  • Motorized vertical translation of all detectors.
  • Control software SPEC.