U125_PGM Undulator beamline

Station data
Temperature range Measurement: 40–300 K; Preparation up to 2300 K
Pressure range For details contact the station manager
More details spin-ARPES
Beamline data
Segment H03
Location (Pillar) 4.2
Source U125-2 (quasi-periodic undulator)
Monochromator PGM with 2 gratings (600 l/mm and 1000 l/mm)
Energy range 15 - 200 eV (optimal range)
Energy resolution < 1 meV for E < 100 eV
Flux Expected >10^13 (photons/s/0.1%bw/100 mA)
Polarisation Linear horizontal (fixed)
Divergence horizontal 17 mrad
Divergence vertical 7 mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 68 μm x 25 μm
User endstation not possible
Distance Focus/last valve 1100 mm
Height Focus/floor level 1417 mm
Beam availability 12h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 14701

For more details and current status contact the beamline scientist(s).