VEKMAG is a Vector Superconducting Magnet station which is being jointly developed by Regensburg University, Free University Berlin, Ruhr University Bochum, and Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin. The instrument is located at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, in the experimental hall at the PM2 beamline of the synchrotron facility BESSY II.

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Assigned to beamline(s)

Energy rangePolarisation
PM2-VEKMAG 20-1600 eVCircular, Horizontal
Station data
Temperature range 2-500K
Pressure Range For details contact the station manager.
Detector Photodiodes, drain current
Manipulators LT-VTI, FMR-VTI
Sample holder compatibility For details contact the station manager.
Remote Access

The instrument is designed for XAS/XMCD measurements, for resonant and-off resonant soft X-ray scattering methods, as well as for time resolved ferromagnetic resonance using XMCD, in high magnetic fields and for a  temperature range of  < 2 K - 500 K. It provides a 9T field in the beam direction, a 2T field in the horizontal plane and a 1T field in the perpendicular direction. A 1T vectorial field can be applied in all directions. The home beamline is located at the PM2 bending magnet at BESSY II.

Single axis magnetic fields:

-9 T along the beam direction

-2T perpendicular to the beam direction,  in the horizontal  plane

-1T  along the vertical direction.

Vectorial magnetic fields:

-2T in the horizontal plane

-1T in all directions

Temperature range:

-Low Temperature Variable Temperature Insert (LT-VTI) : 2K-350 K

-Ferromagnetic resonance Variable Temperature Insert (FMR-VTI) : 8K-500 K

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