The Cryo-EXAFS station at beamline KMC-3 is a dedicated endstation to investigate the short-range environment around selected atomic species in condensed matter by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy at low temperatures. This end-station provides possibility for EXAFS, XANES and X-ray fluorescence measurements in vacuum. The detector system consists of two ionization chambers, Si-PIN photodiode and 13-element detector (Ge and Si) with XIA electronics.

For details and current status of the experimental station contact the station manager.

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Assigned to beamline(s)

Energy rangePolarisation
KMC-3 XPP 2 - 14 keVhorizontal
Station data
Temperature range 30 - 293 K
Pressure Range For details contact the station manager.
Detector 13-element detector (Ge and Si) with XIA electronics, 3 ionization chambers, Si-PIN photodiode
Manipulators z
Sample holder compatibility --
Energy range 3.6 - 14 keV