closed cycle refrigerator for hard x-ray investigations

Closed cycle cryostat with different sample cell options for investigations with hard x-rays under controlled gas atmospheres, i.e. x-ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) measurements.

CCR-XRD in goniometer of KMC-2 with Beryllium dome option

CCR-XRD in goniometer of KMC-2 with Beryllium dome option

temperature range 15 - 450 K
pressure range < 150 kPa
beam windows Beryllium or Kapton

The GM-cryocooler can be installed on XRD and XAS stations of hard x-ray beamlines, i.e. KMC-2 and MySpot. The closed-cycle refrigerator is equipped with a high temperature stage, which covers the temperature range from 15 K to 450 K for samples in vacuum. For temperatures lower than 320 K an optional Kapton cupola can be used to keep the sample at inert or exchange gas conditions. In particular, this allows seamless studies of phase transitions around ambient temperature. Exchanging the Kapton cupola for a Beryllium dome allows investigating samples at controlled gas atmospheres up to pressures of 150 kPa. A suite of different gas handling systems as well as sample preparation infrastructures, e.g. glove box, allow to investigate samples at well defined gas loadings and pressures. The equipment can be used both in transmission or reflection during diffraction studies and in transmission or fluorescence XAS investigations.