Excited states dynamics with x-rays @ BESSY-VSR at UE49-SGM



Beamline data
Energy range 90 - 1400eV
Energy resolution 4000 - 12 000
Flux Up to 7*1014 photons / s / 0.1A / 0.1%BW
Polarisation Full polarization control
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 4 μm x 1 μm (hor. x vert.)
Phone --
More details UE49_SGM

The liquid flexRIXS endstation is dedicated to resonant inelastic x-ray scattering experiments on liquid samples in the soft x-ray range. The liquids are injected into the chamber via a liquid jet system whereas gasses and also small amounts of liquids can be investigated using a liquid/gas flow cell. The MCP-based RIXS spectrometer allows for a resolving power of better than 1000. The Project is funded by the ERC Advanced Grant Project EDAX with the option for collaborative Research at BESSY II and FELs.

For more details and current status of the experimental station contact the station scientist(s).

Endstation for time-resolved and steady-state RIXS measurements on liquid and solid samples and for complementary use at FELs and at BESSYII. The RIXS spectrometer of the end station is a modified GRAZE IV (XES 350) with three gratings. These cover the range between 50 and 900 eV. The resolution amounts to approximately 40 meV at 50 eV and 0.7 eV at 900 eV. Liquid samples are prepared in vaccum as thin jets (diameter 5-30 µm). The jet freezes after passing the interaction region in a liquid nitrogen cooled trap. To protect the beam line from the typical 10-3mbar range in the measurement chamber during liquid jet operation, three differential pumping stages are used. The MCP-based detector is protected by an X-ray transmissive yet vacuum-tight thin foil.Static and time resolved RIXS measurements at liquids and gasses as well as non-linear Processes are conducted with this experimental station at BESSY II and FELs i.e. LCLS and FLASH. The apparatus is open to collaborative Research at BESSY II and FELs.


A setup for resonant inelastic soft x-ray scattering on liquids at free electron laser light sources K . Kunnus et al. Review of scientific instruments 83 (12), 123109 (2012)