Macromolecular Crystallography @HZB

The HZB-MX Facility consist of three seperate beamlines, each of them with a dedicated endstation. Beamlines 14.1 and 14.2 are dedicated to multi-wavelength-anomalous dispersion (MAD) phasing methods operating with a tuneable energy between 5.5-15.5 keV (2.25 to 0.75 Å), which cover the absorption edges of most commonly used heavy atom derivatives. Beamline 14.3 is a fixed energy station operating at 13.87 keV (0.89 Å).

State-of-the-art detector technologies, including the PILATUS 6M (BL14.1) and PILATUS3S 2M (BL14.2) detectors (Dectris, Switzerland), enable high quality and rapid data collection. Fast and reliable sample changing is realized by automated samples changing robots CATS and G-ROB employed on both beamlines 14.1 and 14.2, respectively.

The infrastructure adjacent to the experimental end stations offers excellent facilities for users of the beamlines and includes office space, a sample preparation lab, a biology lab (safety level 1), and computing resources.

For more details visit our MX website.

MX 14.1MX 14.2MX 14.3
Temperature range 100 - 293 K100 - 293 K100 - 293 K
Pressure range ambientambientambient
Segment L14L14L14
Location (Pillar)
Source 7T-WLS-2 (Wavelength Shifter)7T-WLS-2 (Wavelength Shifter)7T-WLS-2 (Wavelength Shifter)
Monochromator DCM Si(111)DCM Si(111)CCM Si(111)
Energy range 5 - 15.5 keV5 - 15.5 keV13.87 keV
Energy resolution 2 eV2 eV5 eV
Flux 1.4·1011 (Photons/s/100mA)1.9·1011 (Photons/s/100mA)0.4·1011 (Photons/s/100mA)
Polarisation horizontalhorizontalhorizontal
Divergence horizontal [mrad] 223
Divergence vertical [mrad] 0.350.350.35
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 100 μm ∅
70 μm ∅
50 μm ∅
100 μm ∅
50 μm ∅
30 μm ∅
200 μm ∅
150 μm ∅
100 μm ∅
70 μm ∅
50 μm ∅
User endstation PILATUS3 S 6M pixel detector with 25 Hz data rate
Microdiffractometer MD2
CATS robotic sample changer
PILATUS3S 2M pixel detector with 25 Hz data rate
Desy/HZB nanodiffractometer
GROB robotic sample changer
Pilatus2 6M pixel detector with 12 Hz data rate
Microdiffractometer MD2-S
Distance Focus/last valve [mm] 300300300
Height Focus/floor level [mm] 140014001400
Beam availability 24h/d24h/d24h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 13432+49 30 8062 13432+49 30 8062 13432