Scientific field: Life Sciences & Biotechnology

This field includes any research at BESSY II that is related to living organisms or biological structures. A major part of the field life is the protein structure determination done at the MX beamlines (MX: Macromolecular Crystallography). But also biophysical effects of smaller molecules and biotechnology belong into this field.

Please find here a list of instruments at BESSY II which your colleagues chose to perform research in the field "Life".

Station Energy Range Polarisation Beamline Contact
BAMline Imaging 4500 - 60000 eV horizontal BAMline
Henning Markötter
BAMline Spectroscopy 4500 - 60000 eV horizontal BAMline Martin Radtke
Ana Guilherme Buzanich
HE SGM Station 100 - 700 eV horizontal HE-SGM Maria Brzhezinskaya
IR-Spectroscopy and Microscopy .0006 - 1 eV linearly horizontal/vertical IRIS Ulrich Schade
Ljiljana Puskar
.0006 - 1 eV linearly horizontal/vertical IRIS 2
MAXYMUS 200 - 1900 eV Horizontal, Vertical, Circular positive, Circular negative UE46_MAXYMUS Markus Weigand
Sebastian Wintz
Simone Raoux
MX-14-1 5000 - 15500 eV horizontal MX 14.1 Manfred Weiss
Uwe Müller
MX-14-2 5000 - 15500 eV horizontal MX 14.2 Manfred Weiss
Uwe Müller
MX-14-3 13870 - 13870 eV horizontal MX 14.3 Manfred Weiss
Uwe Müller
mySpot 4000 - 25000 eV horizontal mySpot Beamline Ivo Zizak
XM - X-ray Microscopy 250 - 2800 eV horizontal U41-TXM Stephan Werner