Prof. Michael Steiner is the new chairman of ENSA

The former scientific director of HMI (1998 bis 2008), Prof. Michael Steiner, is the new chairman of the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA). ENSA is an affiliation of the national neutron scattering societies which directly represent about 4500 european neutron scatterers. In his first words Michael Steiner argues: “It is very important for the future of the field to recruit in a sustainable fashion young scientists and to ensure that the continuously improving potential of neutron scattering does reach research areas, which have not been using neutron up to now.” ENSA would be the right platform for coordinated and coherent actions on a European scale. Steiner continues: “The new challenge for ENSA will be to extend the present discussion about existing sources and the interplay between large and small facilities to a forward looking vision for neutrons inEuropenow, when ESS is at the horizon.”